Action Needed
Nothing (or nearly nothing) on page
Awaiting content
For higher-level pages in the hierarchy that have links to other pages
Probably no action needed
Draft Incomplete
Some content, but missing significant chunks of planned content
Awaiting completion by author(s)
Close to complete, all sections have info, author isn't quite done
Awaiting completion by author(s)
Under Review
Ready for review, or some review done
Needs 2-3 independent reviewers
Rev By AZ
Replace AZ with your initials when you've reviewed it

Final Draft
When enough people have reviewed a topic, change it to Final Draft
Only thing lacking is formatting
Content in and reviewed and formatted properly
No action needed
This means consistent formatting has been applied, but a final review is needed
Can go from Under Review to Final with last review

A page should only have one out of the following tags at any given time:
  • Empty
  • Draft Incomplete
  • Draft
  • Under Review
  • Final Draft
  • Final

Eventually they will have multiple "Rev By" tags which do not need to go away.

They could be both "Under Review" and "Formatted."

Chapters without subpages could have "Chapter" plus other tags.