• Headings and page names should use title capitalization
  • Heading levels should start at the first level. This probably sounds stupid, but on the old site, you had to start at level 2 (level 1 was for page title), and some of that carried over.
  • Headings should not be used for recommendations
  • After a heading, do not include a blank line


  • Do not use a heading for a recommendation
  • Use normal style, but add both bold and italics
  • Use sentence (not title) capitalization
  • When an entire page (and therefore its title) is a single recommendation, rename the page to be more of a heading and less of a recommendation
  • Put the recommendation on it's own line
  • If at all possible, state as a directive with a verb
  • Avoid pronouns so that the recommendation stands on its own away from the discussion
  • Make it as short and sweet as possible, keeping elaboration for the discussion
  • Do not include a period at the end
  • Do not put a blank line between the recommendation and the ensuing discussion
  • It is OK to have two lines with two recommendations right after each other, followed by joint discussion/explanation
  • See Voice Talent for examples


  • Lists should be presented as bullets
  • See TTS for an example (under Avoid using TTS to refer to callers by name)


  • Examples should be indented, in Italic font, and begin with System: or Caller:
  • A blank line should follow the example
    System: To confirm, you want to transfer $500 from savings to checking.
    Caller: Yes

  • You can omit the "System" or "Caller" if there's only one type being used.


  • References should appear at the bottom of the page, sorted alphabetically by the first author's last name